As a result of a childhood accident and severe concussion, I lost most of the sight in my left eye. During recovery I experienced such intense migraine headaches that often my other eye had to be shielded from the light, leaving me in total darkness for long periods of time. I knew what it was like to be blind. When able to see again my mother had taken a job at the neighborhood movie theatre. I spent what seems like a lifetime in the dark in that movie theatre appreciating whatever I could see. Daily movies, newsreels, and cartoons became my life. I appreciated all of the light that I could now tolerate from the screen and the pleasure and security of the dark environment as well. I lived everyday in light and in dark. I lived everyday with visuals.

I realize that my ability to see is a gift. My life in photography is an extension of that gift, appreciated each and every day. I try to see everything. I even see images when I close my eyes, just as if I were still sitting in the dark in that theatre.